Research Leadership Program

Fall 2022 Dates: Wednesdays – Starting September 28th

Time: 8:00am – 9:00am

Spring 2023 Dates: TBA

Nominations due: Monday, August 1st

What is the Research Leadership Program?

The Research Leadership Program (RLP) provides promising and driven mid-career faculty with the leadership, communication, interpersonal, organization, and project-planning skills required to lead their peers in large-multidisciplinary programs. Participants of the RLP gain tools to develop a systems level view of their research allowing them to design and manage large projects. They learn how to generate resources and support for their projects, both from within WSU and from external partners. Additionally, they learn how to build productive partnerships with university colleagues, external partners, industry, policy makers, funders, and other stakeholders to create high-performing teams through a culture of inclusive and supportive collaboration.

What can I expect as a participant of the RLP?

The RLP is an experiential small cohort-based program comprised of the four elements below. Fall and spring sessions are held over Zoom to ensure participants from all WSU locations can attend and participate.


The program begins with an 8-session research leadership course lead by the AtKisson Training Group (ATG). This experiential learning course will provide the basis for developing the leadership and communication skills needed for multidisciplinary peer research groups. Also included are two one-on-one executive coaching sessions with the ATG trainer allowing individuals to focus on areas of growth.


Spring sessions will be led by WSU research leaders and the Office of Research Advancement and Partnerships (ORAP). These sessions will provide an inside look at the realities of leading large projects; stakeholder and collaborator engagement; large project design and management; and the process of securing institutional resources and support.


Participants who complete the fall and spring sessions will be matched with a successful peer mentor currently working with a large multidisciplinary team. Mentors will provide guidance and support to RLP participants over one year as they work towards their research leadership goals.

Grant Assistance: RLP participants will receive priority assistance from ORAP proposal consultants for developing large multi-disciplinary proposals.

What is the time commitment?

RLP participants are expected to attend all training sessions, complete take home assignments, and actively participate in the mentoring program. Time estimates are provided below


The ATG sessions meet for one hour each session and will include a 20-60 minutes take home assignment each week. Additionally, each participant will attend two one hour executive coaching sessions with the ATG trainer.


Spring sessions vary in length from one to 1.5 hours depending on the topic and presenter. Most sessions include a take home assignment similar in length to the ATG assignments.


During the initial meeting, the mentor and mentee will determine how often to meet. We suggest minimum once a month for an hour. An exact structure, however, is not given to provide flexibility for each mentee to meet their individual goals.

Am I eligible?

RLP participants must be either an Associate or early-stage Full Professor who have the potential to lead large multidisciplinary teams.

How do I become part of the program?

Participants may either self-nominate or be nominated by a chair or program director. Please use the nomination form below.

Nominate yourself or someone today!