Limited Submission Applications

In limited submission opportunities, the sponsor restricts the number of applications or proposals an institution can submit. WSU initiates an internal screening process to determine which application(s) will be approved for submission to the sponsor. 

Cover Letter

You must fill out a Cover Letter to apply for a limited submission opportunity.

If you have missed the internal deadline, please contact In the event that no other pre-proposals were received, you may be approved to proceed with a proposal to the agency.

What happens after you apply for a Limited Submission?

  • After you complete the cover letter, the Office of Research Advancement and Partnerships is notified.
  • Once the internal deadline has passed, you may be contacted and asked to provide more information if the limitation of applicants has been exceeded.
  • That information will be sent to internal reviewers.
  • They will select the proposal that is the best fit for the agency.
  • The Office of Research Advancement will then notify all applicants. The recipient will receive an official letter to move forward.
  • If you were not asked to provide any additional information, the Office of Research Advancement and Partnerships will email you an official letter to move forward.

Information Pages

ORAP maintains information pages and specific internal applications for the following limited submission programs that frequently require internal competitions. For questions regarding these or any other limited submission program, contact us at