Diversity Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Statement in Research

Office of Research DEIA Statement

A commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) is a core value embedded in WSU’s land-grant mission. Centering DEIA in the planning, design, development, execution, dissemination, and assessment of research, scholarship, and creative activity furthers WSU’s commitment to principles of practical education for all, scholarly inquiry that benefits society, and the sharing of expertise to positively impact the state and its communities. The Office of Research values and recognizes diverse viewpoints, multiple knowledge types, and the differential experiences of the communities with whom we collaborate. We support research and creative activity that is inclusive and equitable, and we strive to embed antiracism across our institution’s research activities, programming, and operations.


The Office of Research is committed to supporting all WSU faculty to align with these goals and principles as thy engage in research, scholarship, and creative activity. The page linked below should serve as a starting point for faculty considering DEIA in their work and Office of Research Advancement and Partnership staff are always available to help faculty work through questions related to DEIA as they develop their research. Included are some basic definitions, a discussion of how DEIA applies to all kinds of research, and a series of prompts to help researchers connect DEIA to their research as they develop research programs.