Proposal Development Workshop

Do you want to write a more effective grant proposal in less time? AND have fun doing it?

Join us via Zoom Tuesday, February 22nd from 9a-12p. 

Topics we will try cover in such a short time :

  • Prepare and organize your thoughts, and develop your competitive advantage before writing with:
    • Key figures
    • Logic models
    • Innovation tables
  • Convert your thoughts to an elevator pitch and create desire for your project.
  • “Layer” your pitch to enhance desire for your idea and trust in you and your team.
  • Convert your elevator pitch to a summary/aims page and the introduction section of your research plan.

Activities (Depending on time):

  • Lectures – learn how to become an effective writer.
  • Small group activities – systematically dissect and enhance your proposal.
  • Large group presentations – hone your ability to create desire for your project and trust in your team.

Outcomes and Impact:

  • Write more effective proposals – in less time.
  • Become one of the select few invited to participate in the ORAP “Grant Masters” program. This program provides full guidance over the next year to transform you into a master of grantsmanship.

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