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WSU Postdoctoral and Research Professional Association

Welcome! We hope that this can be a landing spot for all WSU postdoctoral and research professionals.  WSU has over 100 Postdoctoral and Research Professionals spanning over every college and multiple campuses. Individually they help contribute to research and innovation at WSU. Together the PRPA offers support in building each member’s research and career.


If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to contact Emily Brashear ( or Balasaheb Sonawane (

President: Balasaheb Sonawane

Pending PRPA Approval:
Vice President: Shyam Solanki
Treasurer: Bharath Kurki Nagaraja
Communication & Community Engagement Officer: Courtney Kurinec

Funding Opportunities


PivotWith Pivot, you can easily explore new avenues for funding, view funding opportunities uniquely matched to your area of research, and collaborate with colleagues. Using your WSU ID you can create and save personalized search criteria and receive a weekly targeted funding email alert listing new opportunities in their research areas.


Find funding by using the Pivot database or check out the Postdoc Awards!


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Present at the 2020 Academic Showcase!

The 2020 Academic Showcase is open to any research, scholarship, and creative work from the WSU community. That includes you!

Apply by Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Fall 2019 Professional Development Initiative (PDI)

PDI provides a range of programs, training opportunities, and resources to graduate and professional students that will help prepare them for academic and career success. The goal of PDI  is to ensure that all graduate and professional students have the skills, knowledge, and mindsets necessary to succeed both professionally and academically.

Click here to check out the calendar of upcoming PDI events!


Lady with PlannerMark your calendars!!

PRPA next meeting:

December meeting is pending!

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~Speaker: Emily Brashear on Finding Funding~




Looking for free memberships?

Cheeky Scientist Cheeky Scientist: At WSU, we are committed to helping you develop the professional skills necessary to pursue your dream career. As such, we are delighted to announce a partnership with Cheeky Scientist to provide STEM PhD’s and post-docs with the opportunity to build the necessary skills to pursue a career in Industry.

As part of the partnership we are offering a limited number of spaces to the Cheeky Scientist Association online training platform.



the versatile PhDVersatile PhD: Versatile PhD helps graduate students and new PhDs envision, prepare for and excel in non-academic careers. Here you will find a wonderful online community, an overview of PhD careers, PhD-appropriate job listings and access to a database of nearly 90,000 members.



Who else is apart of WSU PRPA? 

This is a current list of Postdoctoral and Research Professionals within WSU.
Ilyas Unluilyas.unlu@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research AssociateChemistry
Balasaheb Sonawaneb.sonawane@wsu.eduPostdoctorate School of Biological Sciences
Kuenzang InternSchool of Biological Sciences
Dennis Nicuh Lozadaden.lozada@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research Associate Crop and Soil Sciences
Mingzhu Postdoctoral Research Associate School of Biological Sciences
Eric Nilsson Research Associate Professor School of Biological Sciences
Bharath Kurki Nagaraja Postdoctoral Research Associate Composite Material and Engineering Center
Hari Kiran Kotapati Postdoctoral Research Associate Institute of Biological Chemistry
Nate Law Postdoctoral Research Associate School of Molecular Biosciences
Karl Alcover Postdoctoral Research Associate Medical Education and Clinical Sciences
Amit Sharma amit.sharma2@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research Associate Department of Civil Engineering
Yibo Huangfu Postdoctoral Research Associate Civil and Environmental Engineering
Shaoqu Xie Postdoctoral Research Associate Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering
Courtney Kurinec courtney.kurinec@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research Associate Psychology
Daniel Mulendore Staff Scientist Franceschi Microscopy and Imaging Center
Nalok Dutta Postdoctoral Research Associate Bioproducts Science & Engineering Laboratory
Chenxi Wang Postdoctoral Research Associate Bioproducts Science & Engineering Laboratory
Camille Wendlandt Postdoctoral Research Associate School of Biological Sciences
Kathiresan Selvam Postdoctoral Researcher School of Molecular Biosciences
Miao Wen PhD graduate Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mohammadali Azadfar Postdoctoral Research Associate Composite Materials and Engineering Center
Jessica Waite Postdoctoral Research Associate Horticulture
Carmella Vizza Postdoctoral Research Associate School of the Environment
Solmaz Amiri Postdoctoral Research Associate Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
Sean Mossman Postdoctoral Research Associate Physics
Zhongming Gao Postdoctoral Research Associate Civil and Environmental Engineering
Katalin Korpany Postdoctoral Research Associate Chemistry
Maren Mossman Postdoctoral Research Associate Physics
John Drazin Assistant Research Professor Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Mailea Miller-Pierce Postdoctorate Biology
Rishikesh Ghogare Postdoctoral Research Associate Horticulture
Cassandra Nikolaus Postdoctoral Research Associate Institute for Research and Education to Advance Community Health (IREACH)
Shyam Solanki Post Doctoral Research Associate Crop and Soil Sciences
Prabu Gnanasekaran prabubc@gmail.comPost Doctoral Research Associate Plant Pathology
Ánjali Rai Post Doctoral Research Associate Crop and Soil Sciences


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