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WSU Postdoctoral and Research Professional Association

Welcome! We hope that this can be a landing spot for all WSU postdoctoral and research professionals.  WSU has over 100 Postdoctoral and Research Professionals spanning over every college and multiple campuses. Individually they help contribute to research and innovation at WSU. Together the PRPA offers support in building each member’s research and career.


If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to contact Emily Brashear ( or Balasaheb Sonawane (



President: Open
Vice President: Open
Women Postdoc Liaison Representative–  Bethany Williams (Pending)
Treasurer: Manish Chauhan
Secretary: Daniel Packer

*Open positions – please contact

Member Highlight

Shyam Solanki
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ph.D. – North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, USA (2018)


My broad research interests are:

  • Immunity pathways in plants

My current research work focuses on the directed genome evolution of plant hosts to generate atypical domain structures in plant immunity receptors. The stress placed on regions of the plant genomes containing pathogen-effector susceptibility targets result in DNA rearrangement and creation of novel immunity receptors. These improved receptors serve as the upgraded weapons to combat the continuous pathogen challenge. I am currently working in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences on barley-Puccinia graminis f sp. tritici (Pgt) pathosystem to explore the pathogen-induced genome evolution of barley, particularly in the resistance locus harboring Rpg5 gene.

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Postdoctoral & Research Professional

Who else is apart of WSU PRPA? 

This is a current list of Postdoctoral and Research Professionals within WSU.
Abdul Azeezazeez.abdul@wsu.eduResearch AssociateInstitute of Biological Chemistry
Alexandra Jacksonalexandra.m.jackson@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research AssociateIREACH
Angelica Becerraangelica.becerra@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Teaching AssociateDigital Technology & Culture
Ánjali Rai Post Doctoral Research Associate Crop and Soil Sciences
Balasaheb Sonawaneb.sonawane@wsu.eduPostdoctorate School of Biological Sciences
Ben Vernasco Postdoctoral Researcher School of Biological Sciences
Bethany Williamsbethany.williams1@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research AssociateNutrition and Exercise Physiology
Bharath Kurki Nagaraja Postdoctoral Research Associate Composite Material and Engineering Center
Camille Wendlandt Postdoctoral Research Associate School of Biological Sciences
Carmella Vizza Postdoctoral Research Associate School of the Environment
Chenxi Wang Postdoctoral Research Associate Bioproducts Science & Engineering Laboratory
Courtney Kurinec courtney.kurinec@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research Associate Psychology
Daniel Mulendore Staff Scientist Franceschi Microscopy and Imaging Center
Eric Nilsson Research Associate Professor School of Biological Sciences
Gitanjali Shresthagshrestha@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research AssociateHuman Development
Hala Elsayedhala.elsayed@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research Associate Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology
Haniyeh Koochakhaniyeh.koochak@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research AssociateInstitute of Biological Chemistry
Hari Kiran Kotapati Postdoctoral Research Associate Institute of Biological Chemistry
Ilyas Unluilyas.unlu@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research AssociateChemistry
Jessica Francojessica.franco@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research AssociatePlant Pathology
Jessica Waite Postdoctoral Research Associate Horticulture
John Drazin Assistant Research Professor Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Joseph Hulberthulbe@wsu.eduUSDA NIFA Postdoctoral FellowPlant Pathology
Karl Alcover Postdoctoral Research Associate Medical Education and Clinical Sciences
Katalin Korpany Postdoctoral Research Associate Chemistry
Kathiresan Selvam Postdoctoral Researcher School of Molecular Biosciences
Kuenzang InternSchool of Biological Sciences
Lexie Jacksonalexandra.m.jackson@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research AssociateCommunity and Behavioral Health (IREACH)
Marina Savenkova Postdoctoral Research Associate Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience
Md Masud Parvezmdmasud.parvez@wsu.eduResearch AssociatePharmaceutical Sciences
Miao Wen PhD graduate Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mingzhu Postdoctoral Research Associate School of Biological Sciences
Mohammadali Azadfar Postdoctoral Research Associate Composite Materials and Engineering Center
Nalok Dutta Postdoctoral Research Associate Bioproducts Science & Engineering Laboratory
Nitin Dhowlagharnitin.dhowlaghar@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research Associate School of Food Science
Prabu Gnanasekaran prabubc@gmail.comPost Doctoral Research Associate Plant Pathology
Prasad Parchuriprasad.parchuri@wsu.eduPost Doctoral Research Associate Institute of Biological Chemistry
Rajanikanth Vangipurapurajanikanth.vangipurapu@health.slu.eduPost Doctoral Research Associate Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Rishikesh Ghogare Postdoctoral Research Associate Horticulture
Rita Giulianirita.giuliani@wsu.eduResearch AssociateSchool of Biological Sciences
Romana Iftikhar Post Doctoral Research Associate Plant Pathology
Sankara Naynar Palanisankara.naynar@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research AssociateBiomedical Sciences
Sapinder Bali Postdoctoral Research Associate Plant Pathology
Shagufta Perveen Research Fellow Plant Pathology
Shaoqu Xie Postdoctoral Research Associate Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering
Shasha Yeungshasha.yeung@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research AssociateApplied Sciences Lab
Siddharth Chaudharysiddharth.chaudhary@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research AssociateBiological System Engineering
Solmaz Amiri Postdoctoral Research Associate Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
Vijay Mettuvijaya.mettu@wsu.eduPostdoctoral Research AssociatePharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Yu Research AssociateHorticulture
Zhongming Gao Postdoctoral Research Associate Civil and Environmental Engineering