Developing Partnerships

We are bringing interdisciplinary researchers together to share expertise on globally significant topics.

Interdisciplinary Team Building

Looking for an expert in a specific field?

MyResearch database can connect you with those at WSU who are disciplinary authorities and the Pivot database can introduce you to internal and external experts.

To explore expert resources at WSU locate the “Expertise” tab available to faculty and staff in the MyResearch database. Select from a topic list, or do a manual search by selecting “Simple Search”, and a list of skilled WSU colleagues will be available. Expand your search to browse experts in and out of WSU by locating the “Profiles” tab in Pivot. If you need assistance feel free to contact ORAP!

In addition to these outreach sources, visit the WSU Office of Research Advancement and Partnerships (ORAP) to find interdisciplinary topics organized into focus groups that facilitate collaboration. Previous group topics include: genomics, robotics and drones, and health data analytics.

Not seeing your topic of interest above? Contact ORAP at to create a focus group for your topic and get a head start on your interdisciplinary research.

Partnering with Industry

The Innovation and Research Engagement Office (IREO) works with students, faculty and staff to position WSU’s creative, scholarly and technical assets in ways that maximize impact and return value to our state and national stakeholders. The office serves to provide administrative support for faculty and external partners working to develop collaborations that leverage WSU expertise and yield meaningful benefits to our partners.

Find out more about IREO!

Broader Impacts

Communicating how research benefits society

What are broader impacts?

Many federal agencies increasingly look to fund research that benefits society, in addition to having a strong intellectual merit. While the term “broader impacts” is most closely associated with NSF review criteria, other agencies such as the NIH and USDA use different terms for the same concept, such as “significance,” “impact, or “relevance.”

All of these ideas refer to the components of research that contribute to the achievement of specific, desired societal outcomes.

Broader Impact guides and resources

Broader impact activities can happen through the research itself, through activities related to specific research projects, or through activities that support or complement the project.

Partner Programs and Organizations

The following organizations often partner with WSU on broader impacts focused on education or outreach. Please contact ORAP if you have additional questions, or are looking for additional broader impacts partners.


Broader Impacts often require evaluation for effectiveness and impact. Contact one of the following Centers during proposal development to discuss plans.