June 30, 2022*
*Note, the eREX must be submitted 2 days prior to the deadline in order to meet WSU guidelines for submission.


The Natural Resource Conservation Endowment Fund was established by Jane P. Conrad and entrusted to Washington State University in 1982 to provide seed money for supporting research and projects related to, but not limited to, energy, small-scale agricultural concepts, community education, wildlife conservation and/or recovery, related psychological and sociological studies, domestic and international studies, and other projects related to conservation of renewable and non-renewable natural resources, including biotic and abiotic ecological components. The proposed work should be oriented toward practical application of theory rather than strictly theory-oriented research to provide public uses or participants with a maximum opportunity to benefit.


Applications will be accepted from currently enrolled WSU graduate students in good standing with the Graduate School. An individual or a graduate student group may apply. Interdisciplinary and collaborative proposals in such areas as education, psychology, sociology, environmental engineering, sciences, agriculture and veterinary sciences are encouraged.

Terms of Support

There could be up to two awards given for $1,200 each per year. The grant is subject to renewal up to a maximum of three years and may be requested by submitting a new proposal with a progress report each year. Equipment purchased with the fund money will become property of the WSU Foundation at the termination of the award and will be subject to sale with all proceeds going back into the endowment fund. Funds cannot be used for general education costs (tuition, school related fees, textbooks, computers, laptops, or software); non-essential data collection; or refreshments.


Applications can be found in the RFP.