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COVID-19 Research

Researching COVID-19?

If you are interested in becoming a part of research related to COVID-19, please enter your information below.


COVID-19 Research Community


Austin, EricaStrategic
Avery, AllyNutrition and Exercise
Bender, NaomiNative American Health
Borah, PorismitaCollege of
Brady, MichaelSchool of Economic
Chen, BambooSchool of Hospitality Business
Chowdhury, IndranilCivil and Environmental
Cook, JoeSchool of Economic
Cowan, BenSchool of Economic
Dhaneria, AsheeshElectrical Research And Development
Gaolach, BradExtension
Metropolitan Center
Ghandi, MonaArchitecture
School of Design and Construction
Graves, JanessaCollege of
Jessup, EricSchool of Economic
Kalyanaraman, AnanthSchool of Electrical Engineering and Computer
Kirkpatrick Johnson,
Krishnamoorthy, BalaMathematics and
Lane, TrevorWSU
Lawrence, TimExtension
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Lee, Yen-IMurrow College of
Lin, BeiyuSchool of Electrical Engineering and Computer
Lugo-Lugo, CarmenSchool of Languages, Cultures, and
Makin, DavidCriminal Justice and
Mandal, BidishaSchool of Economic
Phelps, MichaelCAHNRS
Animal Science
Prasad, BhagwatPharmaceutical
Ruiz, ShelbyComposite Materials and Engineering
Sano, YoshieHuman
Schwarts, ElissaMath
School of Biological Sciences
Smith, RyanSchool of Design and Construction
Stohr, MaryCriminal
Streamas, JohnSchool of Languages, Cultures, and
Sukumaran-Rajam, AravindSchool of Electrical Engineering and Computer
Walden, VonCivil and Environmental
Wen, HaifangCivil and Environmental
Weybright, ElizabethHuman
Yoder, JonathanSchool of Economic Sciences
The State of Washington Water Research Center